Robert Wm Meier

The World"s Greatest Resumes: Introducing The Worlds First Resume Rater


Robert Wm Meier
  - The World

Book DescriptionThe quickest way to a hiring manager’s heart is an attention-getting resume. In THE WORLD’S GREATEST RESUMES, career consultant Robert Wm. Meier explains how to turn your resume into the perfect job-seeking device by evaluating it against the world’s first Resume Rater and its attendant Resume Quality Index, a quality standard for resumes similar to the academic GPA. Designed to gauge how well existing resumes elevate the job seeker above the competition, the Resume Rater grades each resume based on three categoriesthe ability to prove one’s value, to accomplish one’s goals, and to demonstrate one’s career progression and shows job hunters how to create a cohesive, objective, and effective resume. This practical and comprehensive guide also features more than 05 before-and-after resume samples, the ten rules of a powerful resume, and real-life success stories from Meier’s career-consulting business. With straightforward advice for sculpting skills and experience! into a compelling document, THE WORLD’S GREATEST RESUMES will help job hunters stand out from the pack, earn a higher salary, and secure more job offers.

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